We are a 4th-generation, family-owned lighting and décor business which began in 1928.

Milton Cohn.

1928-1952: Milton Cohn

Milton began the business in New York City, selling Italian ceramics and leather goods to local stores.

Richard Cohn.

1952-1977: Richard Cohn

Richard continued buying décor from Italy while introducing furniture and lighting from Spain, England, China and Korea, selling to small stores throughout the U.S.

Jeffrey Cohn

1977-2014: Jeff Cohn

Jeff focused on high end Italian furniture and lighting, developing a reputation for quality among interior designers.

Matt Cohn.

2014-present: Matt Cohn

Matt continues the tradition of quality while bringing a contemporary perspective to the brand. He is now buying lighting and décor from artisans in America as well as Italy and Asia.

Today we offer luxury lighting and décor worldwide.

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