Just when we thought we have been to every factory there is in to see in Italy, we are pleasantly surprised to find a new one! Well…new to us, but it really has been there for centuries, nested into a sleepy little village far outside of the bustling cities.

On our most recent trip, we were excited to find such a place, a manufacturer of intricately hand carved chairs. Beautiful, one of a kind pieces, made by true artisans. We bought up every style. We also marveled at the array of tools he has hanging on the wall, each one serving a specific purpose in creating intricate designs.

We then continued on our travels to one of our favorite suppliers, another artisan who, like his father

and grandfather before him, creates every piece of furniture by hand. We watched his creative process and were fascinated to learn about the various steps that it takes to produce a piece.

We found out that the artisan does not immediately start carving the wood; first, he sketches the design, then he creates the design in clay, refining it as he goes. Then, when he is pleased with the clay rendering, it is finally time to carve the wood. Such a long process, but it is this attention to detail that makes each Decorative Crafts piece a work of art.

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