Hello from Brenda!

Our new catalog is out The DC 2017 Collection.  Rather than have two catalogs to refer to as in the past, our new catalog combines all the products that we offer at DC into one beautiful, new book.

Creating the catalog was a really fun project for me.  I was able to incorporate some of my favorite Instagram photos of our products and of our travels to Italy, as well.

A totally different format than in years past; our new catalog is truly a work of art, featuring the array of beautiful new, products that we carry.  Easy to reference, well laid out, colorful and interesting – we are thrilled with how it has turned out.

Also, for the first time ever, Decorative Crafts is offering free shipping within the U.S.!

We hope you will enjoy our new catalog and invite you to please visit our showrooms in Greenwich and Dallas and have a glass of Prosecco with us! Cheers, Brenda


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